About Riley Hawke


If you’re not in a hurry and want to learn more about me and my music, I’d recommend checking out this video I made showcasing my 10 years of progress.

In short: I’ve been writing songs, playing the guitar and singing since I was 18. Since then, music has been my way of processing difficult situations in life. I began with topics such as saying goodbye to friends, unrequited love and self doubt. I moved on to heartbreak and rejection, dealing with anxiety, and spirituality. I’ve written over 60 complete songs to date, of varying quality.

In April of 2016, I began writing songs about Life is Strange, with a heavy focus on the production. For the first time, I sought to achieve good quality recordings, including lots of other instruments and effects. I’ve learned so much since then, and am only just getting started.

My strength is in my songwriting. I never settle for what’s on the surface, but rather I choose to dive deeper, layer by layer, until I’ve touched on something tender and valuable. I write lyrics until I find the ones that make me cry–those are the keepers. I’m not interested in fooling anyone into thinking I’m cool, or that I have it all together. Instead, I wish for my music to reveal my imperfect human qualities, so that the listener might feel more compassion towards their own. I want to help you feel the feelings that are hard to admit to, because I know how healing it can be to do so.

I don’t want us to cry alone, as if we’re the only ones. I’d like for us to cry, knowing that we’re all crying together. And then I want our laughter to feel real and precious. I wish us peace, knowing that we each live amidst storms. I wish us comfort, knowing that being alive is uncomfortable. Most of all I wish that we know we’re not alone.