Because I have an upcoming EP release, I decided to create a more legit website. I could make one myself, but $59 for a WordPress plugin that could basically do it for me seemed like a no brainier. I picked up the Uncode theme, chose NodeHost as an inexpensive and well reviewed host, and after a bunch of SSL issues, here I am.

I’m making this website for basically 2 reasons:

  1. A place to host my own music, and allow me to sell it directly to whomever might like to buy it. I’m planning to apply a “pay what you want” mentality.
  2. I wanted a blog. I often have a lot to say! I’ll probably create posts to accompany new songs or videos, or to just talk about things that I think are valuable. I have a ton of experience with anxiety and depression, and I like to share what I’ve learned.

If you happen to stumble across this while I’m still working on it, well… *awkward wave.*