Phew, I spent a lot of time today judging the entries for the Life is Strange Fans music contest. 70 total! I have some rough scores and notes so that I and the other judges can decide on the top 5 later this week.

In other news, what, I don’t know. I forgot about this blog post until right now (Sunday evening,) so I’m already sort of burnt out from the day haha.

Photo of the Week

This week, Jessica took a photo of my Sennheiser HD 598s. These are the headphones I used to use for mixing. They’re super comfortable and they sound quite good, so I still use them for things like singing practice. I thought this shot looked a bit like an elclipse or something. Kind of spacey in any case. I love it.

What I’m Working On

This week I continued reading my Mixing Secrets book, but more than that I began to get serious about the upcoming Life is Strange Fans Open Mic Night that I’m doing with Koethe. I started practicing more, and really figuring out the details of what we’re going to do. I ordered a new HD webcam so that the video will be decent, and yeah. Just a lot of practicing. I haven’t played my acoustic guitar that much in a while, so my fingers are rather sore! Two weeks is plenty though to get back in shape. 🙂

Also this totally doesn’t count, but kind of does, but I bought SoundToys 5. It’s a collection of FX plugins. I love FX plugins. It was on sale for $209 and I already kind of wanted it, so yay. In truth I flipped a coin because I couldn’t decide. I won’t get a chance to use the plugins for a little while, and I definitely did not need them. But it was something just for fun. I can buy things just for fun once in a while.

I guess this kind of counts too, if I’m already resorting to plugin purchases, but I organized a bunch of my gear this weekend. If you remember that “studio photo” I had of my basement from one of my first blog posts, that’s what I’m talking about. I took down the vocal booth and cleaned everything up. Moved a bit of stuff upstairs to my office. I just decided that for the next while I’m not going to be doing much recording anyway, (focusing on mixing and production,) so I might as well consolidate. I’m glad I did. It felt like my gear was wasting away down there, so now at least it’s put away.

What I’m Listening To

This one is easy this week. I discovered this band PVRIS because I saw a short K.Flay video where she was chatting with 2 of her musical friends, one of which was Lights who I already heard of, and another one was Lynn Gunn from PVRIS. Lynn said something that made me think she was a lesbian, so obviously I looked up her band and next thing I knew I was obsessed with this song.

The whole album is actually really good. I’m a fan!

Next Week

Next week I’ll definitely continue to focus on practicing for the live stream. That’s my priority. And I’ll keep plugging away at mixing as well, by continuing to read Mixing Secrets and using SoundGym every morning to train my ears.

I hope you had a nice April Fools day and got pranked at least once! Oh, and a nice Easter too I guess. 🙂