Oh boy what a week. I also totally forgot about this blog until the last minute. I also just did taxes so lord help me. (Dealing with taxes and health insurance are sure-fire ways to make me really, really mad.)

We had our home inspection this week and no major issues were found so we’re moving forward! The plan is to move on Saturday. So… I may write the next blog from our new home! I’ve already started packing here and there, and we went appliance shopping today to help us decide what we want to get. I think that this week will go by very quickly. And that things are going to get more stressful before they finally get better. Really looking forward to living in our new house though.

Also, we did the live stream yesterday! I think it went quite well! You can watch the replay here.

Photo of the Week

This one is cool! I had no idea what Jessica was doing because I was so busy, but here’s the result! She took a picture of some old guitar strings that I save in a bag to someday recycle as scrap metal. I love how it turned out! It’s like a guitar string graveyard.

What I’m Working On

Besides moving stuff and preparing for the live stream, not much. I did practice quite a bit last week, and I think it paid off. I was a bit nervous during the live stream, so I relied a lot on my preparation. The one thing that I didn’t really prepare for was where I was going to look while I was playing. That took up too much of my brain at the time, haha. “Should I look at the camera? Am I closing my eyes too much? etc. etc. etc.” But yeah overall it was fun! I want to do more live streams in the future. And I am so excited to get to set up a new studio space where I can make lots of new videos!

I’m also continuing to practice on SoundGym each day, (seriously I haven’t missed a day!) and reading Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio whenever I get a chance.

What I’m Listening To

I listened to some of those CDs I got from the library this week, including some Gorillaz and Daft Punk. This isn’t normally the type of music I listen to, which is precisely why I wanted to listen to it! I found Daft Punk to be very groovy, but too repetitive for my tastes. It actually worked well as something to listen to while I was coding. It sort of gave my body something to do (groove!) while my mind worked away. And Gorillaz is just neat. I love that their “band” is made up of cartoon characters. And I’ve heard more of their songs than I’d thought.

Next Week

Dude, so much packing and shopping (and worrying about my bank account, lol.) I’ll keep you posted. 🙂 Until next time!