Welcome to limbo. That special place in which your feet are glued to the floor, but time is still ticking away.

Spoiler alert–our move got delayed. Jessica said she’s never seen me so upset, which is such a crazy statement to me because we’ve been together for over 4 years and I am kind of an emotional roller coaster.

We had a 2-week close planned from start to finish, written up in our offer letter. The seller agreed, and we did everything on time. I scrambled to order appliances and have everything ready to go for yesterday. Then a whopping 3 days before close we’re informed that the sellers won’t be ready, and they didn’t even give us a new date. So at this point we’re basically delayed for two weeks. Yes, we could take our offer off the table and go find a new house, but that would just be even more hassle for us. So there’s basically nothing we can do. A lot of our stuff is already packed and waiting to go.

Emotionally, I already built up this energy of moving, and saying goodbye to this place. I’m at a loss as to how to gracefully deal with this situation. I threw noodles today. Noodles. (The dog got to eat them.) I sometimes get this bloated stomach feeling when I’m stressed (caused by tension in my back, I’m pretty sure,) and I’ve had that ever since we found out we’re delayed. I’m reminded of some of my lyrics from my song Wasteland: “we’ll make it out of this place, and then we’ll come alive.” That’s how I feel about this move. I want that incredible feeling of peace and freedom that comes with laying on my own god damned floor. It’s been too long! And who knows how much repressed shit I have that’s constantly being mildly triggered by being in the house where I spent the first 18 years of my life. All I know is that I’m a different person than I was when we left Bellevue. And not in a good way. Ugh, okay well enough of that. Unfortunately I don’t even know what else I have to say in this whole blog. I didn’t do anything musical this week because I was getting ready to move, then crying about how we can’t move yet, then basically twiddling my thumbs with a question mark over my head and not being able to take a full breath. We’ll just do the photo. Let’s do the photo. Please tell me we have a photo.

Photo of the Week

And we have a photo! This week it’s a photo of my main set of headphones, Sennheiser HD600. They’re a bit new; just got them around Black Friday times last year, custom calibrated with Sonarworks to have the flattest EQ response possible. The photo is eye-like. In any case I think it’s rad.