This week has been CRAZY.


What I had planned on doing this week (besides working) is practicing for the live stream next week. I did do that, but not as much as I would have liked to. And I definitely need to do more.

Things were going pretty swimmingly until we got a flat tire on Tuesday. (The potholes here are insane. I’m legit afraid of them now that we had a tire burst.) So that took a couple of days to get sorted because they had to order the new tires. Then on Thursday morning we went to go look at a house. We really liked it. It’s smaller than I originally wanted and has carpet everywhere, but we’re willing to settle at this point. What’s nice about it is that everything is pretty new, such that when we go to sell it in a few years everything will still be pretty new, and it should hold a lot of it’s value and not need too much maintenance from us. It’s also in the neighborhood we wanted, and on a dead end street.

So anyway, we put in an offer. And it was a really good offer, because last time we put in an offer on a house there were 4 others and ours was not picked. The market is kind of crazy right now and houses are getting snatched up right away. Maybe we got in first. Whatever the case, our offer was accepted that night, and Friday I had some stuff to deal with regarding that, not to mention dealing with my emotions over having just agreed to give someone all of our money in exchange for a house. Yikes.

Then yesterday I went to Koethe’s house to practice for the live stream next week. More on that in a bit. And today I got to catch up on some work from last week because I was so distracted by the house that I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. Well, at some point next week things should slow down. Or maybe after the live stream. But oh my gosh in 2 weeks we basically get to move. That will be.. well I’m hoping it will make all the difference in our enjoyment of life. Because quite frankly we’ve been treading water for a long time now.

Photo of the Week

I don’t know what to say about this one. It’s not my favorite. We’re very tired. However I did have fun editing this photo in Lightroom. There are so many adjustments to play with! I was feeling a little loopy after a long day.. week. My edit is at the top, and Jessica’s is beneath it. It’s a sort of chime thing sitting on a hi-hat. There’s also green painter’s tape around the rim to keep the noise down for practicing purposes. Actually, now that I look at this again, it is pretty neat.

What I’m Working On

So as I mentioned earlier, this week was all about practicing for the live stream. My callouses are back and I’m getting more comfortable with the songs. And practicing with Koethe this weekend was truly illuminating. I guess there were a few big things I took away.

One is that just because I can play a song or a part well on my own, doesn’t mean I know it well enough to handle new things being thrown at me. I think that over the course of our practicing together I got more used to it, but at first I was really phased by just having someone else playing along with me. Like my brain did a double-take and stopped paying attention to what I was doing in order to pay attention to what he was doing and I had to find the right balance of listening to both. And the more I can make these parts second-nature, the more attention I’ll have to give to other things that come up.

Another thing had to do with being able to hear myself. Sometimes it got rather loud, and I couldn’t hear myself very well and as a response I actually got even quieter because I wasn’t sure I was playing/singing the right thing at all. So I need to work on these parts more so that I have the confidence to perform loud enough when the time comes to match the energy of the song.

Okay and last but certainly not least. I watched back the live stream test that we did, and I really need to work on my uh, stage presence? Granted it was the last thing we recorded and I was tired and hungry, but still. Jessica watched it back with me and said I looked bored and like I didn’t want to be there. It was just me focusing and listening closely, not to mention trying really hard not to mess up, but she’s right about how it looked. I think it all comes back to practicing more. So that I can deal with twists, have confidence, and be able to relax and have fun with it when the time comes, so that it’s more fun to watch.

It’s tough to be confronted with all the ways in which we suck. But it’s also exactly how we can learn and grow. I always say that if you want to be good at something, you have to be willing to suck at it. So here I am, and if I fail miserably next week then it’s a failure on the road to success!

Definitely a valuable experience. As far as diminishing returns goes, I think we got a huge bang-for-the-buck out of rehearsing once before the live stream.

What I’m Listening To

Hmm… nothing? Did I listen to music at all this week? I don’t think that I did. I even have a stack of CDs from the library that I have yet to listen to. Well, here’s one. Have you heard of Haim? These chicks are super cool. I love the rhythm in their vocals.

Next Week

Well if it was not abundantly clear from the rest of this post I’ll be practicing as much as I can for the live stream. I’ve got some new things to keep in mind and I will do my best. Other than that… home inspections and general freaking out? Check, check and check. Catch you next week.