So, how to describe the past 2 weeks… 2 weeks ago I was too depressed to write a blog, (which is saying a lot, because I’ve probably been depressed ever since I started this blog,) and last week I was too busy. I’ll skip the long story of how much this move means to me, and just say that it feels like waking up from a bad dream into a world that I might actually want to live in.

It’s 6:30am, and I’m probably still too busy to write this blog, but I’ll write one anyway since it’s so early. This week’s been exciting and overwhelming. There’s a million little things to do that you wouldn’t think of until you’re like, “wait, we need a dehumidifier. We need carbon monoxide detectors. We need to mow the lawn before somebody complains. Etc etc etc.” On top of it all I had work this week, which was difficult to focus on because of all the things I knew needed to get done around the house. Oh, and since we’re not all that settled in yet we’ve totally neglected cooking. It’s been mostly frozen meals and Arby’s for the past week. I guess something’s gotta give!

I have eaten like 8 of these.

Overall I’m really optimistic. Everything in this house, including the house itself, is mine. It’s my responsibility. I am free to make of it what I will, and I’m free to make of my life what I will. I was very unhappy when I laid all the groundwork for this move. I did it so that Jessica and I could have a better future. And now I’m in that future, and I’m very grateful for what my past-self did. It feels like she is dead, and I am here. And I’m just very grateful.

Photo of the Week

Jessica actually took this photo 2 weeks ago for that blog, but it never happened. So here it is now. I built myself a new computer, dedicated just for music. This is basically so that I can have my office (which I use for work,) in a different place from where I make music. That way I can have a larger, dedicated studio space. Anyway this photo is of the inside of the computer. The motherboard has LEDs on it. I think it looks awesome.

Also shout out to Jessica’s malfunctioning computer that went on a very dangerous mission to retrieve this photo for the blog this week.

What I’m Working On

Setting up my new studio! There’s a good sized room in the basement that I’ve commandeered for this purpose. This has been really cool. It’ll probably be a while before I’m finished, but it’s at least functional. Not that I’ve had any time to make music though, lol.

One thing I want to do that will probably be put off for a while is to make acoustic panels to put around the room. I’ve got the air ducts going just above the ceiling, which are rather resonant. I realized that my drum kit’s resonant heads also resonate. (Duh, I guess, haha.) So I removed some of those. And that the staircase leading down to the basement creates a huge echo. My recording booth helps with this a lot, but I think it’ll be an ongoing project to get the room under control.

So yeah! That’s about it for now. Here’s a photo of the progress I’m making with the set up. My favorite thing is the LED back lights on my desk. I think I’m going to get some twinkly led lights for my recording booth. Cool lighting is one of my favorite things to have in a room!!

What I’m Listening To

Hmmm… nothing, I don’t think. I don’t really have any speakers right now. Oh! Hahaha, for some reason Jessica and I have had this song stuck in our heads for over a week. I think we heard it at a store. I mean, it’s a good song so I’m not really complaining. But it cracks me up.

Next Week

Next week feels a little too soon to accomplish much on my music. I think we still have a lot of setting up and settling in to do around here. But hey, I have a big, dedicated space. I have a dedicated computer. We’re looking at the next few years as an “incubation period,” of sorts. I am going to work towards having a career in music, and Jessica is going to work towards having a career in programming. This house feels like the perfect place to do that work. Talk to you soon. 🙂